Summer Program


Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver is a world class city with wide-open spaces, sandy beaches, majestic rainforest and rugged West Coast mountains. The city boasts spectacular natural beauty as well as top notch entertainment, fantastic cuisine and some of the finest and most eclectic shopping around.

Vivakanata Vancouver Summer Program

is for children between 8

and 17 years old

University of

British Columbia



Students are housed in the dormitories at the University of British Columbia. UBC is one of Canada's top universities and enjoys an international reputation for excellence. UBC is located on the coast of British Columbia, 20 minutes from the heart of Vancouver, Canada. The university hosts some of the city's best attractions & recreation facilities, including the Museum of Anthropology, the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research, as well as endless opportunities to explore forested trails in the adjoining Pacific Spirit Regional Park.


  • Summer program

    Vivakanata's language courses are held Monday to Friday for three hours a day. Participants will take a placement test the day after they arrive to Canada in order to determine their level (from beginner to advanced). Classes are then organized by age and language level. All of Vivakanata's teachers are trained professionals that work hard to create a positive and fun learning environment while teaching grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary and conversation.


    English is the official language of the Vancouver Summer Program.

    Oral language acquisition is extremely important at Vivakanata and as a result our participants are required to speak English as often as possible. Participants sign a contract stating that they will do their best to speak in English for the duration of their stay. In case of emergency, many team members are able to converse in their native language. Prizes are given to the teams that make the most effort to speak English. If participants are struggling with speaking English during the day, extra English Tutorials are held weekday evenings during the summer program.

  • Leadership training

    Vivakanata strongly believes the leaders of tomorrow are the participants of today. Learning another language opens the door to many more cultures and experiences both professionally and personally. With this in mind it is extremely prudent that participants are given the opportunity to learn skills that will enable our future leaders to thrive in new and exciting environments. Participants learn about team building, negotiation, diplomacy, initiative, self-confidence, communication and much more. According to many testimonials, these skills have proven useful in helping past participants and team members achieve their personal and professional goals.

  • Safety

    Vivakanata goes to great measures to ensure the safety of our participants. Vivakanata has a 4 to 1 kids to adult ratio. Each team is made up of six to eight participants. Each team has an adult guide, junior guide and the program has floating team that are placed where they are most needed. Guides are well trained, responsible and attentive. All team members are able to communicate with each other and with the office via radio and all team members are trained in First Aid.


    All participants have $50,000 CAD in medical insurance. The Medical Clinics as well as the hospital are less than five minutes away. When Vivakanata visits local pools, all participants must pass a swimming test held by Canadian lifeguards in order to swim in deeper waters.

  • Workshops

    Every year during Vivakanata's Summer Programs we offer workshops that are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The workshops provide our participants with the opportunity to better understand themselves and their surroundings. Some workshops that have been offered in the past are arts and crafts, sports, theatre, dance, photography and life skills.

  • Excursions

    We organize and offer our participants different cultural & study activities several times a week. These activities are included in our prices. The fees for transportation, admission fees, professional training, special equipment rental, lessons, and guided tours have already been covered with the cost of the program. The excursions allow participants to try things they may not be able to do at home in a very unique setting.


    In Vancouver, Vivakanata participants have visited Whistler, Victoria, Stanley Park, Robson Street, Playland, the Vancouver Aquarium, Granville Island, the Museum of Anthropology, the Vancouver Art Museum, Grouse Mountain, Science World, Lynn Valley, Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Gastown, English Bay, Yaletown, Spanish Banks, Deer Lake, and much more!

    Vivakanata invites you to visit our glorious country and have the time of your life!

  • Kanata Nightlife

    Vivakanata knows that memories are forever! Each evening, the group meets to participate in a fun activity that helps to provide the foundation for long lasting friendships. Every night is different and our team works hard to ensure that every night is a new memory. Our participants will participate in Dance Night, Costume Night, Bingo Night, International Food Night, Reflection Night, Capture the Flag, etc. All of these activities are organized to encourage the use of the English/French language as well as to provide the opportunity for the participants to get to know their new friends.



How to register?

Cancellation policy

Fees and Dates

In order to participate in Vivakanat's summer program in Canada, you will need:


To have valid passport.

Do the Visa process.

Regardless or your English level.

Get a hold of Vivakanata's representative in your area to:

• Decide the payment plan.

• Register.

• Star the visa process.

• Fill and sign the registration form; or register online right now.

• Make a first payment and send a copy of the payment receipt to your representative.

• Make the rest of the payments and send the receipts.

• Buy the airplane ticket and send the flight information to your representative.

• Give the waiver form and a copy of your passport to your representative.

• Receive and fully read the welcome package sent in June via email to the participating families.

If one must cancel their program, they will be subject to the following charges:

• Written notice received on or within seven days of the first payment will be charged $50 CAD

• Written notice received before April 15th will be charged $100 CAD

• Written notice received on or after April 15th will be charged $350 CAD

• Written notice received on or after May 15th will be charged $600 CAD

• Written notice received on or after June 1st will be charged 50% of the program as well as any fees incurred regarding the airplane ticket

• Written notice received on or after June 26th will be charged 100% of the program as well as 100% of the plane ticket

Vivakanata Vancouver Summer Program 2014



9 July to 29 July

of 2015



21 days - 20 nights



$ 3,199.00 CAD

This cost includes: Room and Board, 15 hours of English class a week, transportation within the city of Vancouver, as well as to and from the airport, four excursions per week, three meals a day, supervised recreational activities, workshops, supplies, a souvenir of the program and travel insurance ($50,000 CAD). Airplane ticket and airport services not included