Language Courses


Vivakanata can organize your educational experience at any given moment. We work with the best schools in many different cities in Canada. Invest your time and your money in you! Brush up on your language skills or learn another language altogether. You can spend anywhere from two weeks to a year studying languages with Vivakanata in Canada. If a couple of hours a week isn't giving you the results you want, it is time to go to Canada with Vivakanata!

Vivakanata's partner schools offer courses that  are anywhere from two to eight hours a day. You choose the length of your stay and the duration of the classes. If you are interested in studying English, we recommend Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto or Halifax. If you are interest in French, Montreal is ideal. You may also add to your experience by studying in more than one city.


Leaning a language isn't just limited to the classroom experience. Our partner schools organize different cultural and recreational activities for their students. They also coordinate excursions to several different tourist attractions.

Where will you stay?

Although this is your choice, Vivakanata highly recommends living with a Canadian family. Living with a Canadian family is a unique experience that allows you to better understand your host culture as well as practice your language skills. Living with a family is also a less expensive way to visit Canada. If you choose to stay with a family, we try to match you with a family that has similar interests or hobbies. We work with hundreds of host families that have made student's experiences in Canada outstanding.


It is not mandatory to stay with a family in order to study with Vivakanata's partner schools. If you wish to look for housing on your own, please do.

Business English

In each city, Business English is offered to students. These courses are for students that already have an advanced level of English or French. At our partner school in Vancouver, an intensive business course is offered each semester to people that are interested in improving their dominance of the English language and their self confidence while expressing themselves.


This course is also a unique opportunity to meet with business people from around the globe. For dates and costs of this Business English course in Vancouver, contact us.


  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Vancouver is a world class city and host to the Winter Olympic Games in 2010.

    • English speaking city.

    • Largest city in British Columbia.

    • Commercial centre in western Canada.

    • Modern, multicultural city.

    • Offers first class training, food and shopping.

    • Breathtaking natural beauty with beaches and mountains.

  • Montreal, Québec

    Montreal is a multicultural city and the French heart of Canada.

    • French and English speaking city

    • largest city in Quebec

    • Important cultural centre

    • Host to many important international events such as the Olympic Games in 1976

    • Cosmopolitan and multicultural city

    • Beautiful Historical City

  • Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto is the capital city of Ontario located in the eastern part of Canada.

    • English speaking city

    • Provincial capital

    • Center of power of province

    • Modern international city with many skyscrapers

    • Many activities, shows, sightseeing opportunities

    • World class shopping

  • Ottawa, Ontario

    Ottawa is the beautiful capital of Canada.

    • French and English speaking city

    • Capital of Canada designed for Queen Victoria

    • Beautiful Historical city

    • Relaxing and tranquil city

    • Many museums and cultural activities

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Halifax is the quaint capital of Nova Scotia.

    • English speaking city.

    • Important maritime centre.

    • Traditional, historical little city.

    • Citizens renowned for their hospitality after disasters such the Titanic and 9/11.

    • Tranquil and safe environment.

    • Many aquatic activities.



Registration process

Dates and Prices

In order to participate in Vivakanata's language courses in Canada, you will need:


To have a valid passport.



Do the Visa process.



Make the required payments at least one month before departure.



Sign the contract with the schools cancellation and participation policies.

Get a hold of Vivakanata's representative in your area to:

• Choose the program

• Process your Canadian Visa

• Decide your form of payment

• Fill and sign the registration form including the participation and cancellation policies.

• Make the payment and send a copy of the payment receipt to your representative one month before departure

• Send the flight information to your representative

• Receive the acceptance letter from your school and/or the profile of your host family.

The start dates change for each school. Most schools have courses that begin each Monday.


The cost of the program depends on the city, the length, the type and the intensity of the program.