Academic year abroad

Vivakanata will arrange for you to study one academic year in Canada in elementary, secondary or high school. The schools that we work with have excellent academic programs as well as programs that cater to students from abroad. Students live with a Canadian family and study the regular Canadian academic year in order to perfect their English. Upon completion of their academic year students apply to transfer their credits in their home country.

Why should I study abroad?

You will practice and improve your language skills.

You will learn about other cultures.

You will become more independent

You will see new places.

You will meet new people.

Why should I go to Canada?

You can learn French or English.

Canada is a diverse and multicultural country.

Canada has an excellent standard of living.

Canada is very safe.

The combination of modern city and breathtaking landscape is truly unique


  • Mission, British Columbia

    Mission is one of the most beautiful communities in British Columbia

    • English speaking city

    • Beautiful rivers and lakes

    • Majestic forests and enormous mountains

    • Safe picturesque town

    • Schools have an excellent academic level and great facilities

    • Large open spaces

    • Moderate climate

    • Friendly families

  • Richmond, British Columbia

    Richmond is a small city that is located minutes from Vancouver.

    • English speaking city

    • Safe and friendly environment

    • Historical city

    • Beautiful water and city views

    • Important shopping area

    • Large international population

    • High academic level

    • Close to Vancouver International Airport

  • Victoria, British Columbia

    Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia located on a beautiful island.

    • English speaking city

    • Capital of the province

    • Beautiful historical city

    • Safe city

    • Large port with aquatic activities

    • Small schools with high academic level

  • Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto is a capital city in the province of Ontario located in the east of Canada.

    • English speaking city

    • Capital of the province

    • Modern international city with lots of skyscrapers

    • Many activities

    • Shopping

    • Schools with a high academic level

  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Vancouver is a world class city that will be the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    • English speaking city

    • Largest city in the province of British Columbia

    • Commercial center of western Canada

    • Modern multicultural city

    • Activities

    • Beautiful beaches and mountains

    • Schools with high academic level

  • Montreal, Quebec

    Montreal is a multicultural city and the heart of French Canada.

    • French speaking city

    • Largest city in Quebec

    • Important cultural centre

    • Host to many international events

    • Cosmopolitan and multicultural city

    • Beautiful historical city

    • Schools with high academic level



Students and parents that are interested in this program should choose between boarding school or public school and Canadian homestay.

Public School and Canadian Homestay

These are the programs that are most popular for Latin-Americans. With this program students are given the opportunity to become involved in daily Canadian life. This program has the following characteristics:


Students study in a Canadian school with Canadian classmates and other international classmates usually for one academic year.


Students live with a Canadian family and practice their use of English. Canadian families are carefully selected.


Students make friends at school, at home or in their neighbourhood. You will learn a great deal during this aspect of the intercultural exchange.


The families that participate in the Academic Year Abroad Program do not receive a Canadian student in their home. These are not direct exchange programs.

Boarding School Program in Canada

This program has the following characteristics:


- Students study in a private boarding school usually for one year.


- Students live at the school with their classmates.


- The families that participate do not receive someone from the school into their home. This is not a direct exchange program.


*Please contact us for more information about either program.



Dates and Cost of Program

In order to participate in any of these programs for an Academic Year Abroad you need:

• To have at least an intermediate level in the school's language of instruction

• Check with your local school board to find out which academic years you can study abroad

• Have a valid passport for the time that you will be in Canada

• Do the visa process

• Have a satisfactory grade point average from your local school as well as a letter from the school confirming good behaviour and grade point average

• Make the corresponding payments to the school, to your homestay, administration fees, legal fees and any other fees that may be incurred

• Enjoy good health as well as be enthusiastic and interested in this great experience

The participation in this program is for one academic year (August/September to June). The process for going abroad should begin approximately five months before the academic year begins.


The costs vary depending on the city, school and homestay. The approximate cost for the program including basic necessities is $26,000 CAD.